Paradise Found

29 November
I am a counterterrorism analyst currently working in the United Kingdom. I live in Burton Latimer (just oustide of Kettering) with my lovely wife and two dogs.

I am a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism, where I am known as Lucien d'Artois. I currently play in the Shire of Thamesreach, Crown Principality of Insulae Draconis, Kingdom of Drachenwald. I am a former member of the Barony of South Downs in the Kingdom of Meridies.
14th century, 15th century, 16th century, 17th century, a&s, alternate history, ancient egypt, arabic, archaeology, archery, architecture, armored combat, blackwork, board games, books, british history, burgundian, calligraphy, card games, chess, chivalry, choir music, choral music, classical music, college of arms, counterterrorism, cryptography, dancing, drachenwald, early music, egypt, egyptology, elizabethan embroidery, embroidery, england, europe, european history, family history, fencing, feudalism, fighting, foreign languages, france, frederick the great, french history, games, genealogy, german history, germanic tribes, germany, gregorian chant, heraldic art, heraldry, historical heraldry, historical reenactment, history, holy roman empire, hundred years war, illumination, insulae draconis, italian history, italy, languages, linguistics, literature, london, lutes, machiavelli, manuscripts, medieval, medieval and renaissance embroidery, medieval art, medieval combat, medieval europe, medieval european history, medieval food, medieval history, medieval literature, medieval music, medieval recreation, medieval reenactment, medieval song, medieval studies, mediterranean history, meridies, middle ages, minnesingers, museums, music, music theory, old churches, onomastics, painting, period manuscripts, polytextual motets, psalteries, rapier, reading, reenactment, renaissance, renaissance fencing, renaissance history, renaissance music, renaissance studies, research, roman empire, sca, scotland, scottish history, shakespeare, singing, society for creative anachronism, sudoku, swordfighting, tennis, the age of reason, the crusades, the enlightenment, the plantagenets, the reformation, the renaissance, theatre, thirty years war, travel, troubadours, trouveres, uk, united kingdom, vikings, western europe